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The Hartman Value Profile
Feedback You Can Expect

For both individuals and groups, the Hartman Value Profile will provide critical feedback in the following areas:

  • Judgment Capacity - Broad, global information on the basic judgment capacity of individuals and groups in three areas: Intrinsic people skills and relational judgment; Extrinsic task orientation and work ethic; and, Systemic abilities to see broader perspectives, implications, and consequences. In this first area of concern, the Profile will also observe which of thirteen “Stage/Type” categories a person or group fits into, and what related strengths and balance will thus be brought to the work being accomplished in an organizational setting.
  • Personal/Task Judgment - A clear articulation of thirty different and highly practical aspects of judgment. One-half of these relate to work-side, task judgment and one-half to self-side, personal judgment
  • Personal Balance - Insight into six, key areas of work and personal balance. While it is important for a person or group to be strong in judgment, it is also important that balance be present.
  • Perspective - The capacity of a person to make both quantitative and qualitative judgments, and the relative balance of these two types of judgment in the “lens” or “perspective” that a person brings to work and life.