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The Hartman Value Profile
Our Distinctive Insight

Robert Hartman understood the underlying structure of work. All work can be anecdotally described—the number of widgets made on an assembly line, the costs of raw materials, the hours of labor involved in producing some product. Yet, underlying all work are two factors—skill set competency and judgment . Hartman was masterful in understanding the relationship that drives all work toward quality and excellence.

The profiling and assessment processes used by Q2HR are designed to give decisive and detailed insight into the factor of judgment . We are able to show an organization how to hire for better judgment, how to ensure that teams and work units are operating at a level of optimal judgment, and how to enhance the judgment capacities of individual employees. Better workforce selection, higher levels of cooperation between employees on all organizational levels, and enhanced performance will all be a natural consequence of our processes.

Competency + Good Judgment = Excellence and Quality in performance, production, cooperation, communication, attitude, and morale.