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the Hartman Value Profile

Our personal value system is not something we have, but rather, it represents who we are. What we value evolves as people and events influence our lives. These “values” become the lens in which we see the world, and make decisions.

Most frequently, our values are manifested by the judgments we make, and in the way we “figure things out.” We observe something happening, evaluate it based on our previous experiences, and decide what course of action to take.

In almost every imaginable scenario, good judgment will be the determining factor in how a person functions in the workplace. The Hartman Value Profile assesses a person's individual value system and determines whether, and to what degree, a person has good judgment.

The Hartman Value Profile is not “canned” in any way. It can be completely customized to closely match the unique value systems of your most trusted employees – and help you choose new employees that will complement the entire group.

Plus, The Hartman Value Profile is designed to be used without the dependency of outside consultants. Q2HR will train your human resources personnel to properly administer and grade the profiles, instilling a level of internal expertise that will help preserve the heart and soul of your organization in the future.